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DXR 170

Ecodesign Directive (ErP): information specific to DXR170 – TF6500_A // EN – FR – PL – HU – DE – RO

DXR230 – DXA230

Ecodesign Directive (ErP): information specific to DXR230-DXA230 – TF6397_D // EN – FR – PL – HU – DE – RO

DXR 1714EX

ErP Label DXR 1714EX – D5830_C

DXR 1708EX

ErP Label DXR 1708EX – D5830_C


DXR 1225EX

ErP Label DXR1225EX – D5830_C

DXR 1093GM

ErP Label DXR1093GM- D5830_C


ErP Label DXR1225GM – D5830_C

DXA 1712EX

ErP Label DXA 1712EX – D5830_C

DXA 1711EX

ErP Label DXA 1711EX – D5830_C

DXA 1705EX

ErP Label DXA 1705EX – D5830_C

DXA 1706EX

ErP Label DXA 1706EX – D5830_C

DXA 1247GM

ErP Label DXA1247GM – D5830_C

DXA 1247EX

ErP Label DXA1247EX – D5830_C

DXA 1240GM

ErP Label DXA1240GM – D5830_C

DXA 1240EX

ErP Label DXA1240EX – D5830_C