Flush-mounted exhaust unit: discreet and non-intrusive

Humidity sensitive switch versions: modulates the airflow according to the various needs of the dwelling.

Silent working: silent auxiliary airflow activation

Battery indicator: buzzer to indicate low battery level

Easy to maintain: removable shutter case and front cover for easy cleanin

Tekniska data
Diagram och dimensioner

Airflow ‘+’

Thanks to its humidity sensitive system, this extract unit automatically adapts its airflow to the humidity of the air in each room, providing optimum ventilation and reducing heat loss. An additional airflow can also be activated if required (by switch). 

Pressure plug to help commissioning

In addition to its efficiency, this humidity-controlled extract unit has been designed to make it easier to bring your ventilation system into compliance. In fact, the airflow range can be adjusted at installation to compensate excessive pressure drops and thus adjust the airflow through the unit. This measurement is made easier by the presence of a pressure plug.

An aesthetic mask

The cover plate allows the technical part of the extract unit to be completely concealed to blend in with the room. It has a simple, uncluttered design to bring a touch of modernity to ventilation equipment. In addition, it can be customised thanks to its paintable material.

Flush-mounted exhaust unit   BXC-EC h BXC-EC h BXC-EC h BXC-EC hi BXC-EC f
Standard code (other versions available, please contact us) ø100   BXE2065 BXE2078 BXE2077 BXE2073 BXE2068
Angled version ø100   BXE2066 BXE2074
Airflow characteristics            
Humidity sensitive  
Boost airflow  
Boost airflow activated by switch    
Boost airflow activated by presence detection  
Other activation modes  
Airflow @ 100 Pa (min.-max.) (1) (2) m3/h  12-80 12-60 12-45 12-80 12
Airflow ’+’ – maximum available airflow @ 100 Pa (3) m3/h 130 110 95 130
Sound power level Lw(A), 100 Pa, RH = 65 %, minimum. airflow ‘+’ setting dB(A) 34 (+/1) 34 (+/1) 32 (+/1) 34 (+/1) 25 (+/1)
Dn,e,w (C, Ctr) Acoustic insulation, RH = 65 %, min. airflow ‘+’ setting dB 54 (-3 ;-5) 54 (-3 ;-5) 54 (-3 ;-5) 54 (-3 ;-5) 55 (-3 ;-5)
Power supply            
2 x 1.5 V AAA LR03 batteries (not supplied)  
Buzzer (low battery charge)  
12 VAC supply with specific transformer (ref. CAL261)  
230 VAC supply with specific transformer (ref. CAL1228)  
Colour   white RAL9003 white RAL9003 white RAL9003 white RAL9003 white RAL9003
Material (main)   PS / ABS PS / ABS PS / ABS PS / ABS PS / ABS
Round duct compatibility with integrated spigot mm ø100 ø100 ø100 ø100 ø100
Round duct compatibility with integrated spigot with integrated 90° elbow ferrule ø100 (4) mm
Round duct compatibility with accessory spigot (5) mm ø125 ø125 ø125 ø125 ø125
Round duct compatibility with 85343AL accessories mm ø80 ø80 ø80 ø80 ø80
Other functions            
Pressure plug  
Fault indicator thanks to a built-in pressure sensor  


■ : standard / included  ⊗ : compatible

Note: airflow given for a ø100 duct
(1) Default setting.
(2) Tolerance : 12m3/h +/- 3  ,  80m3/h +/- 10.
(3) Airflow ‘+’: the airflow can be increased from +10 m3/h to +50 m3/h (6 positions available). This function can be used to adapt to lower pressure or to specific regulations imposing higher airflows. Standard is position 0 (minimum airflow = 12 m3/h @ 100 Pa).
(4) Delivered in specific version.
(5) Delivered in specific versions or available as accessory (ref. AEA317).
Other versions available, please contact us.



aereco BXC-EC Elbow

CAF CAF Stops the propagation of fire cold smokes through ventilation ducts
CAL261 CAL261 Supply device 12 VAC / 3 VDC (mandatory for BXC connected to 12 VAC supply)
CAL1228 CAL1228 Supply device 230 VAC / 3 VDC (mandatory for BXC connected to 230 VAC supply)
33007AL 33007AL Trident plastic sleeve ø125 mm – L 125 mm
85343AL 85343AL Trident plastic sleeve ø125 mm – ø80 mm – L 125 mm
19429AL 19429AL Phonic ring for exhaust units – ø125 mm
AEA317 AEA317 Plastic adapter ø125 mm, black, with joint
AEA478 Remote control for boost airflox activation

The BXC-EC :  A discreet humidity-controlled extract unit

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